Free Themes For Blackberry Torch

Top 10 Best Themes

I have created a top 10 best theme list for the blackberry smartphones. These themes have been tested on the blackberry torch, that’s why this list is based on the Torch, over the other blackberry smartphones. It took a while, but the list has been completed, showing you my opinion of the best 10 free themes for the blackberry torch smartphone. The list is organized from the “least best” to the “best” ( 10th, being the least and 1st being the best theme ) .


Placement : 10th
Sure, the main screen of this theme looks well designed to look like a Windows 7 PC, but if you look deeper you will know right away that this isn’t a theme to use for everyday use. First things first – when viewing the application list, it’s hard to notice one app from another and you can hardly view the names, making it tougher to navigate around the phone. That’s why we have listed this as the last theme in our top 10 best themes list.

Windows 7 Blackberry Theme

Summer 9800 OS6

Placement : 9th
This theme is one of my favorites and is great for the summer. I love the hover effect over the app icons on the home-screen of the phone. The theme also displays the signal, time/date and battery life of your smartphone. The only problem that I have with the theme is that you can not slide up the app list. Instead, you are required to press a button on the blackberry.

Summer Theme

Spiral Theme

Placement : 8th
This theme made it on the list because of its unique design. Bringing up the app list requires a press of a button like the theme above, but the design of this theme is what makes it better than the themes above. The icons are beautiful and it’s easy to navigate around the phone. The colors all match and the icons are pretty.

Spiral Image Preview

Skeletal Theme

Placement : 7th
The theme is more of a Halloween based theme to show off to your friends and give them a scare. It does not interest me much, although the design was well made. I personally dislike the font used for text ( settings page / not app names ) which makes it harder to read. The background is the hand of a skeleton holding five cards in its hand. Basically, the theme is creepy and perfect for someone that is into these types of themes.

Skeleton Theme Image Preview

Free Mother’s Day Theme

Placement : 6th
A theme which I might actually use is this mother’s day theme. Once again, there’s another great designed theme. Everything is clear to read, it’s easy to navigate around the phone and the front page is easy on the eyes. It is highly recommended to use if you have purchased a blackberry torch for your mother on mother’s day.

Mother's Day Theme

Kites of Infinity

Placement : 5th
If you’re into the regular, normal styles, then this theme is for you. It looks and performs like the default theme you’ll get with your blackberry torch with different icons to display a few apps. The reason why it’s on the top list is because it’s simple and easy to navigate, making it one of the best themes in my opinion.

Kites of Infinity Image Preview

Roots of Spring

Placement : 4th
Just like the ‘Kites of Infinity’, this theme created by RIM, is an improvement of the default theme of the BB Torch 9800. It’s one of the best themes to use and I highly recommend it to anyone that owns a blackberry torch that wants a theme that is clean, easy to navigate and pretty. The app icons lights up when you hover over then, there’s a rose on a few important apps and the whole design just looks good together. The background wallpaper can be changed easily, if you do not like the current tree image.

Roots of Spring Image Preview

MiPhone – Free Trial Version

Placement : 3rd
Now it’s finally down to the top 3. The icons of this theme looks more of the style of the iPhone’s app icons. Everything is clean and looks amazing. Once you hover over an app, the text appears. On the screen, there is a navigation menu to the bottom of the screen, showing four apps. If you touch the screen, a 3×4 matrix of apps will be displayed. Simply swipe the screen like if you were dragging a page to hide the 3×4 app list matrix.

MiPhone Theme


Placement : 2nd
I was introduced to this theme by one of my friends named Kyle. I liked it so I decided to download and install it. The theme is unique and operates great. The only thing that I dislike about the theme is the annoying watermark in the background, but other than that, it deserves the rank as the 2nd best free theme for the blackberry torch. Although it takes a little time getting used to, once you have figured your way around the theme, it’s prefect to show your friends.

Wave Theme for blackberry

TheBirds MMMOOO 9800

Placement : 1st
Even if you are not a fan of birds like me, the theme is still the best. It makes you feel “welcomed” . All of the icons are well designed and everything looks clean and clear. I have not found any problems with the theme. It’s easy on the eye and has that “country” look, that makes you feel relaxed every time you look at your phone’s screen.

theBirds MMMOOO 9800 Image Preview

The picture quality for some of the images might not be good due to my lighting when I took the pictures. This is a list of of the best free themes for the blackberry torch smartphone. All themes are free to download Via App World ( you can search for the name, which is the title of any theme in the top 10 list ) and use on your BB Device.