Best ScreenShot Capture App For The Blackberry Torch

Tired of installing screenshot capture apps that just does not work or leaves an annoying watermark on your pics? That’s all going to stop today since I’m going to tell you about some of the best free screenshot capturing apps for the blackberry torch smartphone. I have installed all of these apps and kept them to this date.

Screen shots are taken in high quality and they’re stored either on the phone’s memory or a memory card. The location of your screen captured images depends on what you choose in your settings. All pictures are of high quality and there’s no annoying watermark added to the screenshot, so you can upload it to FaceBook or any image host to share it with your friends over the Internet or send it to another device, like if you used your computer to capture the screen shot.

Below I will be listing some of the best screenshot capturing apps which you can install on your blackberry smartphone. I’ve listed the app which we rated as the #1 ScreenShot capturing app as the last on the list so be sure to read through everything then choose which app you liked the best.

List of the Best Screen Capturing Apps for Blackberry

App Details :
  • Name of App : Grabbit – Screen Shooter
  • Size : 14 KB
  • Creator : Mark Anthony

Grabbit is one of the screen grabbing apps which I use daily to take screenshots of my blackberry’s screen. The reason for this is because you can capture a screenshot right away or delay the capture for 15 seconds which might be really handy for some cases. After the installation process is over for Grabbit, press the ‘settings’ button on your blackberry phone and with a simple touch of a button, a screen shot is captured.

options to take screen shot on blackberry torch smartphone

The image above is a screen shot which I have taken using this app. It’s the options page for Grabbit so that you can preview it before downloading a trial for free at AppWorld. It works perfectly without any errors or slowdowns on my blackberry torch smartphone. If you’re not seeing the option to take screenshots, just navigate back to the location where you installed the app on your blackberry and visit the options page, then close and navigate back to the location where you wish to take the screenshot.

With Grabbit or any screen capturing app for blackberry, you can take screenshots of web pages while using your web browser, playing games, using apps, messaging your friends and lots more stuff which I am unable to think of at the moment. Having a screen capturing app is a very useful tool on any blackberry smartphone.

I’ve also listed a few more screen capturing apps below that I also use on a daily basis that worked well for me and might work well for you as well so make your selection or download all like what I have done :

App Details :
  • Name of App : Screen Grabber Free – No WaterMark – Now with BBM
  • Size : 83 KB
  • Creator : The Jared Company
[#1 Best Rated ScreenShot Capturing App by] :
  • Name of App : Capture Nux
  • Size : 74 KB
  • Creator : iBNuX Mobile Solution

Capture Nux is the best screenshot capturing app that I have used on my blackberry torch. There are many features such as capturing with a timer, previewing the captured screenshot, editing screenshot, adding text, editing font and colors and lots more useful options to improve your captured screenshot. I’d recommend using Capture Nux as your permanent screenshot capturing app for your blackberry although you can still try all which I’ve listed in this web page and select which one you liked the best.